cStar Technologies Inc. Introduces SkyGate® Pay Cashless Payment System for Attended Point-of-Sales


cStar Technologies Inc. Introduces SkyGate® Pay
Cashless Payment System for Attended Point-of-Sales

Toronto, ON - December 1, 2009 - cStar Technologies Inc., a leader in two-way wireless data communications solutions for M2M (machine-to-machine, machine-to-men) and mobile-commerce applications, announces the introduction of SkyGate® Pay - the latest addition to the SkyGate® suite of products. cStar's SkyGate® Pay enables the acceptance of cashless payment at staffed or non-staffed point-of-sale (POS) locations.

Consisting of a touch-screen payment terminal, media-reader (RFID or Magnetic Stripe), and printer, SkyGate® Pay can work as a stand-alone cashless payment system or be networked with additional SkyGate® Pay systems either wirelessly or by wire-line. SkyGate® Pay, when combined with cStar's Hospitality Genie™ Solution for self-service point-of-sale locations such as vending, automated parking, arcades, token dispensers, etc., provides a seamlessly integrated one-stop cashless payment solution for any staffed or self-service point-of-sale location. SkyGate® Pay can also be integrated with customers' existing POS systems where practical.

Utilizing existing (or new) guest, resident, employee, student, or membership ID media, such as magnetic stripe cards, RFID wristbands, RFID cards, or RFID fobs, purchases are conveniently charged to a prepaid account, posted to hotel guest room bills, deducted from payroll, or billed to the customer.

President and CEO of cStar Technologies, Stella Yoon said, "Our clients, partners, and we are very excited about the introduction of SkyGate® Pay - it gives customers the freedom to go completely cashless. Instead of two or three different card payment terminals fighting for space on the counter, one SkyGate® Pay can handle multiple payment methods from credit cards to prepaid cards to hotel guest room keys to gift cards to loyalty point's cards. Facilities such as hotels, resorts, universities, colleges, seniors' residences, corrections facilities, manufacturing plants, and office complexes can provide the convenience and safety of cashless payment at any staffed or non-staffed point-of-sale location with SkyGate® Pay and Hospitality Genie™ without having to deal with the headaches associated with accepting and handling cash and with the flexibility of wireless or wire-line communications. One SkyGate® Server, with the capability of handling a multiplicity of applications and accounts, provides customers with significant cost savings and minimizes the operational and administrative nightmare of dealing with multiple servers."

About SkyGate®

cStar's SkyGate® suite of products provide the brains and the communications backbone for a myriad of cStar solutions for various industries.

SkyGate® Multiplexer is a wireless network controller and access point that has the capacity to handle hundreds of SkyGate® Nodes. It provides the wireless network operation and management functionality, and seamless integration from wireless LAN to wireless WAN and to wire-line subnets and backbones (e.g. Ethernet, Intranet, Internet, etc.).

SkyGate® Node is a wireless or wire-line device that enables real-time, on-line data communications between non-IT devices and IT systems.

SkyGate® Server is a comprehensive application server platform providing real-time communication, management functionality, and service-oriented framework for integration of services and components, targeting a multitude of industries and vertical markets including Life Sciences, Hospitality, and Security/Defence.

cStar's wireless SkyGate® Nodes and SkyGate® Multiplexers provide robust wireless connectivity either through wireless Local Area Network (wLAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) coverage. With its robust wireless network communication that can reach from the basement to 40+ floors of concrete buildings, cStar's SkyGate® wLAN Nodes can be readily deployed anywhere on a property based on an easily deployable dedicated wireless LAN. 

cStar's wire-line SkyGate® Nodes can be readily deployed anywhere on a property where there is pre-existing cabling or wiring

cStar's SkyGate® Pay enables cashless payment at staffed point of sale locations.

The ease of installation and set-up of the SkyGate® family of solutions typically allows for single day deployment of the selected solution with minimal interruption to operations - downtime is counted in minutes. 

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