Casinos Provide Hospitality Services 24/7 to their Patrons via SkyGate® Hospitality Genie™



Toronto, ON - April 15, 2011 - cStar Technologies Inc., a leader in two-way wireless data communications solutions for M2M (machine-to-machine, machine-to-men) and mobile-commerce applications, announces the resounding success of SkyGate® Hospitality Genie™'s expansion into the Casino/Gaming industry.

Leading Casino/Gaming groups have been providing additional guest-centric services via cStar's SkyGate® Hospitality Genie™ Solution so that casino patrons can obtain sodas, snacks, freshly brewed single-serve coffee, etc. at their convenience using their players' cards.

Completely cashless using existing casino players' cards, patrons are now able to simply tap or wave their RFID contactless card or wristband, or swipe their magnetic stripe card to self-serve beverages, snacks, and promotional items throughout the facilities in a convenient and efficient manner with "purchases" recorded securely in real-time against their player accounts.  Casino/Gaming operators have seen record numbers of transactions - over 200 transactions per machine on a daily basis.  Being 100% cashless, casino operators also benefit from the elimination of cash-related vandalism, cash handling costs, and the reduction of operating costs (providing change, handling coin/bill jams, etc.) typically associated with cash-based vending machines.

SkyGate® Hospitality Genie™ Server platform provides the power and versatility to be able to provide a tiered benefits programme for casino patrons.  The provision of benefits can be structured to each patron's players' club level.  Situated on-site, the SkyGate® Hospitality Genie™ Server provides the added security of processing and approving transactions in a closed and secure internal network environment.

President and CEO of cStar Technologies, Stella Yoon said, "The power and versatility of our SkyGate® technologies allows us to provide much needed solutions to the gaming industry, utilizing wireless and/or wired SkyGate® Nodes depending on the client's requirements.  Patrons of casinos and gaming facilities are able to obtain refreshments and promotional gifts quickly and conveniently with their players' cards.  At the same time, management is proud of adding additional guest-centric services to their patrons while benefitting from having better control over the costs of providing these benefits to their guests."

Casinos with adjoining hotel/resort facilities are able to provide guest-centric services for unattended point-of-sale such as arcade games, vending, parking, etc. via guest room keys, players' cards, or prepaid cards via the same SkyGate® Hospitality Genie™ Server.  Purchases made with guest room keys are posted in real-time directly to room billings for payment at check-out.


About cStar Technologies Inc.

cStar Technologies Inc. is a global provider of wireless data communication solutions for M2M (Machine-to-Machine/huMan) and mobile commerce applications based on its SkyGate® technologies that are protected by multiple patents.

cStar's SkyGate® technologies provide the brains and the communications backbone for a myriad of cStar solutions for the Hospitality, Vending, Life Sciences/Health Care, and Security/Defence industries.

SkyGate® Server is a comprehensive application server platform providing real-time communication, management functionality, and service-oriented framework for integration of services and components.

cStar's renowned wireless Local Area Network (wLAN) solutions overcome traditionally spotty cellular coverage with reliable, powerful, and long-range communications from the basement to 40+ floors of concrete buildings without airtime charges, costly wireless site surveys, and relocation of assets.